Alcoholiday - Misstress Hips lyrics

She clocks in every day
to keep food on your plate
n' wastes her life away
much to her dismay
the real "tough guy" shit
your hands, on her lips
you burry your fingertips
between your
mistress hips...

i would choose to drown before i'd take your hand
and laugh aloud as you destroy your band
n' hours later.. crawl into bed with "un-suspecting wife"
she says, "honey would you please put the knife away?"
she begs, "it must have met, a thousand backs today"
does it make you think
does it make you wonder?

Let this remind you of simplistic things you said
Do you recall all the friends you left for dead?
I am a dying breed but I've been spared & left to breathe
To haunt you, n' de-throne you... de-nounce you