Al Rogers - Tellme (2013)

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Al Rogers - Tellme lyrics

[intro: Al Rogers]
Something special about being special
Something special about being special
And you are and you are

[Verse 1: Al Rogers]
Ima slow it down
What about when I speed it up
What what
If I eat it up
Can I proceed to beat it up
What what
Like a boxing ring
Ima dance around the cat
Like jerry
Welcome to the cut show
Most of these bitches be cut throat
What what
They serial with it
Well pour me a bowl of cereal baby
Maybe captain crunch
I'm playing the captain and I have a hunch huh
You going to walk that plank
Filling that void
Ain't going to let it sink
Ima baltimore nigga let dru-hill sing
Thank god for your body
Because it's heaven sent
I say
Baby take it slow
Don't want to rush things
But now you know
Got the remedy to make you feel right
You my baby say goo goo gah

I just wanna lay in her hair
Just wanna lay in her hair
Wake up in the morning
To a nice breakfast

[Verse 2: Al Rogers]
Tell me whats new
Tell me the pain
That lead you to fool
With them other guys
Then I introduce you to me
My momma said I was going
To have trouble with my bedroom eyes
And you laying here
Just lead me to believe
This feelings ku
What what
This feeling klux
Fucking up the sheets
My speech is fucked
Asking you like can you sick my duck
You see we confuse love with lust
Soon as it don't work we down on luck
Well just take your time
You see sometimes life gives you different signs
I say
Baby you something
You tell me thats better then nothing
Smart mouth going to get you in trouble
Can I stay for awhile because I would love to

[Hook 2:]
I just wanna say that
Fuck it

Is it time?
Is it time?
*alarm clock rings