Al Azred - Funeral March lyrics

Contemplating the faces of Hell
My brain burns inside my head
Project in the void, I stalk
Where is the peace for my mind ?

I dominate the soldiers of hate
Kill and kill again,
God has forgotten my soul

Existence and violence,
blasphemy is my name
Rational truth through
my primitive survival
Ultimate commandment
between the wall of sorrow
Liquidate, devastate, dominate
Kill the hypocrites and
cast their flesh in Hell

In the dark humanity
He prepares my funeral march
In the torment of the Hell way
I meet myself
The world has consumed
the knowledge till the end
Deep inside of nothingness
Everlasting fullness will born

Blasphemy is my name
Kill the hypocrites
Cast their flesh in Hell and die

Blasphemy is my name