Akai - Hardened Soil lyrics

Hardened soil makes sowing seed
A fruitless breath against the weeds

The roots can't dig beneath dry dirt
This budding flesh can't hide from birds

And just when you might think you've a chance
to overcome or cheat circumstance

Just as you lift your leaves to the skies
in triumph of a hard fought short life

It turns out we've been sown in a glade
that's rented for a massive parade

And as you hear that ominous cheer,
your life's accomplishments drown in fear

Yet moistened ground and bright sunlight
make luscious leaves and flowers bright

The colors glow; the pedals teem
with pollen for the welcome bees

And as you thank the world for your fate
and think you're ready for come what may

Your beauty captures stares from the eyes
of hungry men who value a prize

They pluck you from your garden-like home
to put in a glass vase all alone

And as the petals fall from your stem
you can't help but think what could have been

Every time there strength to stand back up
a healthy blow brings back the need to fight