Aiza Seguerra - Just For A While lyrics

Just for a while
All that I want is a chance to be near you
Just for a while
All through the day
All that I need is to see and to hear you
I dream of how it must feel to embrace you
In my heart I long to hold you
Just for a while

I know deep within me
That you and I, we are worlds apart
That I never will have a part of your heart

Yet I go on to dream about you
Dreamin? all day for a chance to be near

Or just to feel you close and to kiss you
Even just for a while
And I go on and pray that one day
Love will be kind to me in someway
But until then I know I?ll have you
In my dreams I know I?ll keep you
For a while

I closed my eyes
And I imagined that you are beside me
I closed my eyes and I feel you inside me
What I feel is as real as can be for a while
(Repeat refrain)
(Repeat Chorus)