Airhead - Isn't It Rich? lyrics

I’m leaving today, can’t take this hypocrisy one minute more
I’ve got nothing to say, there’s no longer the fight in me I had before

If you can just close your mind, they say, try hard not to think – you’ll be okay
We do what we do, we’ve been slipping and sliding for years down the line
We patiently queue to collect our destruction – can’t wait to have mine

Conditioned to fight and love and kill
You know if they ask you to; you will

Lord give us our money that we might be greedy and selfish and fat
Lord, isn’t it funny we’re made in your image, is this where you’re at?
Just part of some vast eternal story, so sing little children, god votes Tory.

Isn’t it rich, if God’s such a nice guy then why is it life’s such a bitch?