Aireline - Shady Place lyrics

Goodbye love,
I'll miss you.
I'm thinking of you as i watch the world go by, outside my windows,
You're hiding, so i'll stop fighting and stay inside today

and sleep until I find you awake, cause you like a shady place.
in this room,
I'll search forever in vain until i find a Shady Place

floating down like water, the moon is my sign.
i'm coming under to hold what i cant find,
outside my windows,
stars are falling so i close my door softly cause you wont
hear me calling in my sleep.

how will i ever find you again when you sleep in the ocean?
you're swirling under the current again,
while you sleep in the ocean i drown in my bed,
and you swim in my head.

I've got you now.
Goodbye love,
I'll miss you