Air Five - Write My Story lyrics

Here's where my story starts
A tale of a broken heart
Picked up and put back together

Lost in a world of pain
A future my past has stained
But You promised me we'd be together
And now my heart is Yours forever

So now I pray (so now I pray)
That You would write my story
That night and day
My heart would burn for You
That I would yearn for You above all else

We left off at chapter 2
Where my heart belongs to You
The path I chose is not my own
And I'll never have to walk it alone

So take me
In Your hands
And make me
Something You can use
A tool for
Your glory
I want You to write my story

I'm so tired of the
Way I choose to be (yeah)
Look inside my heart
Wipe the pages clean (yeah)