Ahead Of The Game - The "J" Stands For Joke lyrics

and im holding up this finger

cause i dont know what to say

your hands are tied behind your back

cause you like it that way

well gather round i've got a tale

of all the things gone rye

and you'll sleep safe and sound tonight

but please don't ask me why

so whats the deal with all this talk

about glory and fairwell

just bite your upper lip again

find something else to sell

you can dedicate yourself

to anything that you believe

open up your mind my friend

cause you have been decieved

it's all just wrong

and you'll ask me what i'm thinking now

but I'm too busy here just freaking out

and i dont' like the words you say

cause im not listening

and i just want you to know

what i think of you

and all the things you do

i need to say

you just go away