Agyness Deyn - Guitar lyrics

ring a ling ring a ling
hey hey
aggy ash umm

play it
um at the rock show the music ain't slow woah
pump play it
well the guy coming in with the teal six string on his back ow play it
hmm i think that agyness is developing emotions for this guy i don't know his name never been to his place but what i really love is his

both:guitar play it baby
guitar come on and drive me crazy
guitar la la hey eh babe
i know i might come off as shy

but when i see this guy i wanna
steal his heart and his guitar

Ashlee:just spotted this guitar player who looks a little like a player i would love to take a crack at him ouch
then my heart sank when i saw this gal with short white hair goin up to him i ask ha whatcha doin goin to my man hey

agyness: i love his

both:guitar play it baby
guitar drive me crazy
i would love to steal a heart and a guitarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...