Agony (Col) - Forever Decay lyrics

Bleeding tears, forgotten cry,
Fall and die, slaves of liberty,
Screams in pain, sorrow, wars an pests,
I see the souls of black in my mind,
Right to live, never ending life,
The release s not real

Empty minds in the way to die
Brutal insane, gods of steel
Blood and sand under your flag
My release is not real

Forever decay
Eternal torment
Empty minds
In the way to die

Hate in my mind, hate is my rule
My morbid dreams, my toxic dreams
I live in a terror zone, darkness inside me
Walls come down, broken space


Law in my mind, laws I don't see
Cut your illusion looking whit hate
I take your soul, I take your dreams
I spill my blood, tears are falling
My pain's to die, my fear's to live
Hate in my mind, my pain is bleeding