Agonised By Love - Close Behind You (Remix By Sero.Overdose) lyrics

I'm close behind you like a nightfall,
I'm still beside you,
Feel me,
Talk to me,
Don't try to hide!

I can hear all your prayers,
I can see you so clear,
I always stay by your bed
And protect your dreams,
But I want to be real,
Real by your side,
I want to be real,

I can't live without your love!
But you don't say any word to me,
Do you know how I feel?
What should I do to be real by your side?
Where I am?
Between you and my dream!

I will take you into the clouds upon,
I will give you all quiet dreams…

I don't exist!!!
I don't exist without you,
Please look at me!
I'm just opposite you!

One shoot in my mouth,
No words… no lies,
Do you want to see?
Do you believe in me?
… And maybe I'm insane,
Maybe I'm blind,
… Or maybe I just love you with your name in my eyes!

The book is open with never-ending story,
With all promises, that will never be broken.

You are my first falling star,
My day and night
… Please, never say "goodbye" to me,
Never say "goodbye"!

You are my little bird of spring,
My flower in dust,
My hope,
My illusion,
My resurrection,
My life!

I'm looking at you from the edge of my dreams,
And your voice is like a river,
And if you walk away… I will follow!
I will follow!
Why these stars always fall in your hands?
Tell me,
What should I do to make you love me again?