Aghast - Medium Is The Message lyrics

no revolution on our face

just that same common page

written and burned through masses

people need some grease

for their mechanics, their faith, their fallen theology

and sure 10 000 reasons more

society often sounds like steamroller store

this is the funnel-shaped law

21st century perform it around marketability

money and identity are so much close

... bodies, jobs, corporations, frontiers,

nations, education, homeless ...

and my full of holes shoes

the problem is bigger than our 5 navels

no matter for our vulgar friendship mantra

we don't have the so famous nauseous new new message

we don't have the key

the new destructive ideology

the well-packaged product ready to rule the world

the message is farther

we're just an answer not a solution

a symbolic action, a practical fiction

a D.I.Y incarnation in 5 bodies

we've got no message except we are we are we are we are we are

this message


this is the target

for biodiversity love the insignificant