Agent Metal - The Oath Of The Agent lyrics

[music & lyrics : C]

Hiding and running through cold rainy night
The red spot of laser as my only Light
Hunter or hunted, it is all the same :
I'm an Agent, a part of this deadly game

You say Freedom cannot be spelled out by Guns -
Would you rather see SCEPTRE's Agents on the run ?
Conspiring from hiding they're running our lives
With devious methods they take over minds...

So they try... but they cannot win
'Cos we're the Agents, we'll never give in !

Etched deep in our minds
Never be unprepared
Remember - Secrets are Lives

[lead : C]

On my journeys of and out of this world
I have seen the Things better left untold
But once the Day will come when all is revealed
As people are prepared and enemies' fates sealed

Until that day comes I am sworn to fight
All the False Agents, my rage burning bright -
The Will to go on, whatever required
Through the Antarctic plains or the Nuclear Fire !

Bound by the THREE WORDS we've sworn to uphold
There is one thing certain : our Souls can't be sold.

[repeat chorus]

Branded by liars as enemies of the State
They try to conspire but this time they're too late
This time we'll Kick their Ass !!!!!!

[lead : C/M/both - repeat chorus]