Agent Metal - Sign Of The Gun lyrics

[music & lyrics : M]

In the shade of a moonless night or in the light of day
We are fighting to the death while the cowards run
For a dream that's enlightening our sight -
to blow the Seven Sages away
And let the Three Words ring at the blasts of our Guns

But now, we are getting close to the troubled times
When the Truth will slowly leak out
The Uprising's drawing near, filling all with fear
As enters the Sign

It's the Sign of the Gun, rising to the skies
And it shines like a sun, our emblem, our guide
It's the Sign of the Gun, all Agents unite
When the Rebellion burns, calling us to fight

[lead : M/C]

Agents of the World unite, raise your Guns again
For the Ones to be destroyed do not live by the Sign
Those who divide us are those we fight,
all they'll bring is pain
And by standing as One we'll break their design

We'll charge them with pointless lives
Creeping like some leech,
serving those who bring us down
Weak Zealots of the Lie, get what you deserve
By the Gun you'll die !

[repeat chorus - lead : M]