Agent Metal - Return Of The Elite lyrics

Music by Agent M / lyrics by Agents M & C

Facing the unknown in the darkest skies,
we're back on a mission again
Hunting for aliens where the falcon flies
Wings of fire rising unchained

As soon as the siren rang over the base,
we ran for the scramble outside
Soon our jets were airborne,
flying through the haze
and now we have found where "it" hides -
and it will die !

Hidden by chaff, the UFO's getting closer,
sending interceptors around
Turning behind it to avoid their lasers,
I arm my Sidewinders and fire !

But my missiles explode on its plasma shield
and more ships come into the fray
We fight hard and well, many aliens are killed
while the mothership stays away

Agents of Metal, ruling the sky
Fighting enemy ships
Agents of Metal, aliens shall die !!!
We will prevail, 'cos we are Elite !
We are Elite !

(solos : / both / C / M)

Surrounded by aliens a laserbeam hits
Half of the systems go down
Losing fuel fast a decision was made :
I will not crash to the ground !

Heading thru bogeys to the mothership,
I aim at its vulnerable base...
Shield going down as my falcon collides
Sacrifice for agent comrades !

(repeat chorus)

Yes, we are Elite !
So you fuckin' Roswell faces better stay home,
or you will die !!!
'Cos we're the Agents of Metal !!!!!