Agent Metal - Reptilians lyrics

[music & lyrics : M]

Imagine an entity feeding on pain,
hate and anger, fear and disdain,
dwelling out of the reach of our lives
A being trying to violate our souls
while we struggle to retain control,
our rage only helping it to thrive...

As we get entangled,
it prepares to walk the land
Dismal and misunderstood, it will bring pain

Now, we are stalking deep into our world,
but they're beyond the bounds of our sight
And my desperate call goes unheard...
We'll have to fight !
The aggressions, the senseless attacks !
Raising terror so they can survive !

Lifeless yet conscious
they wait in their prison of sand,
calling the fools who will set them free again

Reptilians - parasites from deep below
By living in fear, their path we all clear,
misguided on who's friend or foe
Reptilians - haunting our nightmares again,
while the only way out is to stop breeding their pain

[lead : M/C/both]