Agent Metal - Agent Metal lyrics

[music : M / lyrics : M & C]

Strike - with Power we Fight, with Power we control the night
So all deceivers fear for your lives
And after all these years, we're still standing as One
Through their plots and their traps we have survived so far

Yet still they conspire, setting their wicked schemes
But we have learned that things aren't always what they seem
So all Agents unite, raise your Guns to the air !!!
When the call of Revolution roars we'll be there...

I will not falter
When my Brothers are calling to fight
I will dare to stand and strike !

Rise, with Might we'll Fight
Rise, with Might we'll Fight
AGENT METAL rule the night !

[lead : C/M]

Lies - only Hatred and Lies, spreading under disguise
Of the so-called Elite with the Right to Rule !
But they will crumble down, suddenly so alone
As their Leaders have been found and exposed as Fools

And like a flock of sheep, people follow then weep
Stolen a thousand times until they realize
They had made the wrong choice, all obsessed by the Voice
Making countless Promises that were only Lies...

Then we'll be there
To make the Truth appear to their eyes
And let the Revolution strike !

[repeat chorus]