Age Of Agony - The Prime lyrics

The gods sent a dream to Emes:
A son will born under the turul's sign
He'll lead the seven tribes to the chosen land
He'll be the father of a kings' unbroken line.

The child rose up, became strong,
A wise and brave young man
More mighty, more wise, more brave
Than kings and noble men.

�lmos saw that the land of his father
Is not the land, where Hungarians shall stay
He turned his head to the west and saw
The heart of Pannonia at the end of his way.

He became the prime by the will of the seven
Once a dream, now the well of reality
His son gave his name to the kin
Of mighty kings of a mighty Hungary.

The new alliance is sealed by blood
A folk's journey is near to the end
Thousands of hooves make the ground shake
Warriors riding on with bow in their hands