Afu-Ra - Mic Stance lyrics

[Intro: DJ Premier]
Yeah, Afu-Ra, the Body of the Life Force
Yo, you know how I do son (yeah)
Yeah, so why don't you (yeah)
Get on this mic and represent one time

Some MC's you know they artificial
Some get straight chewed like gristles, I blow like missiles
Lyrics run right through your tissues
Afu-Ra reformed serial killer, it's so much iller
How my sound rounds could bill-a
Straight up bodegas of thought ya come across
Rhymes so dope, one verse'll make you somersault
Intertwinin, alignin wit the timin
Enterprisin, uprisin surprisin
Perverted linguistics came to rip shit
Strapped for life word to mom's carry ten clips
My ink hits from backyards to basements
Loose lips sink ships, ya drown this quick
Superbly, my words be, like third degree
Word to me, thoughts higher than planes be
It's funny to me, how my stun shines the jewelry
My symmetry, follow me, wherever shadows be
Lyrical elixir, turntables and a mixer
Bust ya shit like a blister, yeah, one, two, how we do

[Chorus: DJ Premier scratches up samples]