Afterlife (Us) - Surreality lyrics

Life like sand slips through the cracks
My memories drift into the past

Ages pass while seconds die
The screws loosened, unhinging my mind

In dark voids my spirit calls
Into the absymal sleep I fall

The visions of reality
Are now denied by my sight
This existence of falsity
Is cast aside...

Awakening my dream soul

Ecstasies echo passionately
My delighted eyes yearn more to see

Endlessly I gaze into beauty
Of ethereal realms, surrounding me

I want to stay forever
For eternity
Indescribable pleasures
Have too long denied me

Images begging to swirl
Astral scenes not of the world

Light cascade within my mind
Coalescing, growing bright

Mirrored forms begin to melt
As shadows dislodge and fade

Reality an evolved fantasy
As my sanity is now peeled away

Enslaved by my subconscious
From my twisted dreams, I'll not escape

My thoughts supressed I cannot wake