Afterage - Dangerous Game lyrics

Waiting on the edge of insanity
Evil strikes suddenly
Spreading the corruption
And falseness on its way

Playing with the poor and unfortunated
Giving all that dirty minds can take
Possessing disgusting and weak souls
Taking out the human dignity and infecting the foes

Bridge:Greed leading the fools to blindness
Introducing to your minds – Lies!

Chorus:Life and death – It makes no difference
Money and hunger – Forms to take away the freedom
Manipulating destiny
By this Dangerous Game

Born into darkness
Feel the cold in pain
Surrounding and embracing with your presence
Desecrating the liberty and intelligence

Violence grows inside us
Turn this against them – Revolution!
Who knows make your time
Doesn't wait it happens!

Damnation seems like a wonderful gift
Compared with the invisible jail
Which they call democracy

And this menace turns everything around to ashes!