After Crying - Conclusion (A Tribute To Keith Emerson) lyrics

When you walk the street as a kid and wish to fly
You can always hear a call far from the sky
And you feel an ancient power
As it moves our human life
You can't know
No, that's right
There are angels

Millions are starving just today
Innocents who never get a chance to play
Many hope the smog would clear away
For a moment much too much we pay
We all know then
Life is not a merry con
But God knows: each of us is called
To be a human

You can always be a human
You can love
You can cry
You can laugh

You can always change the world for..
You have a soul
You have a heart
You have a mind

To be human means to love the world
To know it's made for you
To be human means you've heard the word
Revolutions have to be done
Let a higher freedom come
Evolution makes no sense for you
To be a human

To be human means to change the world
To tell the good from the bad
To be human means you've heard the word
Many new lives have to be born
Many new hearts we should warm
Dou you feel this power which has called you
To be the human

You have me to make seas calm
I wrote you in my palm
You have me to heal your soul
You have me
When you want to
Sins may never take you over
You tremble like glimmer flame
Call my name!
You may often come through hells here
Thorns and nails
Open a gate
for you
to see
my face!

All your pain
was not in vain
You got a sign