After All (Metal) - Witchcraft lyrics

Market place, medieval town.
See those people hanging around.
A man comes on the stage, he says :
"No living soul will breathe again,
but I will live forever now,
just follow me and I will tell you,
how it's done and how to make
the potion to awake inside.
Be aware of my witchcraft.

Be aware of the toll you will pay.
Upon your souls I will prey.
Obey me and you'll live forever,
but be aware of the darkness."

So invite the vultures,
the bloodthirsty crow,
to this extraordinary, memorable day,
to see the man hanging from the tree
that he was cutting down.
So listen close and tell your followers,
that they should be aware,
that witches (will be) pursued,
hanged and stabbed and they're eaten alive