After All (Metal) - Twist Of Fate lyrics

Shed a tear for you
I'll put a rose on the ground
A thin line follows
The road we walk upon

Drifting on, on the stream we'll be drowning in
So let me go, so this might be what we're searching for
You let me closer, knowing you'll be losing me
Why would I punish you and disappear without a trace

The shores we walk alone
With noone left to bother us
From the wind we are forced to hide, my love
Closer than the night

Can you hear me, am I getting through to you
Are you listening, am I screaming loud enough
Put some space between us, so we can breathe again
Slowly out of sight, opposing to divide

Can you feel a little love, is my pleading ridicule
Show the true side of the coin in my hand
Throw it up, point the barrel at the sky
Let's decide ourselves, for one more time