After All (Metal) - The Insufferable lyrics

One last sigh
One forgotten truth
Cross side up
Cross side down

Out of the forest
Out of the fields
The chaos emerges
Into the deep

You came to me with your hands open wide
Begging me for friendship, begging me for love
I turned you down, what was I supposed to do
You had it all, but threw it all away

One sign
One source
One time
One life
Of being wrong
No one believes you

Out of the forest
Out of the leaves
The battle emerges
Into your sleep

Standing there in front of me, your mouth open wide
Wanting to scream, no speech allowed
I cut you off, you bleed me dry
Victory was yours, but I kept it all

Until you sign your name, be gone I said
Source of evil pushed away
Times I wonder what was wrong
Your shameful lie is dead and gone