After All (Metal) - Sacraments For The Damned lyrics

Feeling immobilized
Watching the flowers they'll never die
They're begging to wake you up
I won't let them they have no right
This is the path the only one
Mortals walk without a fight
Since the beginning
The ending is always in sight

I will leave you now
Go on pretending
My time is now
Sacraments for the damned
I will leave you now
Conquer the hurt
Embrace your guide
Sacraments for the damned

Let me hide don't punish me
Let me live inside your dreams
Inside the air
You breathe in day and night
I'll suffer like you do
Go and lead a simple life
Into eternity
Just let me go

A frozen heart an empty space
Recovering the trace
Of lost and found solutions
They are always late

Sacraments for the damned
A gift they should enjoy

Caressing hugging the after party
They suffer the cry deep inside
The laughing the stories the why
Just being scared of how we'll die

Kneeling beside you
Breathing the cold damp air
Waiting for motion
The motion has disappeared