Aerodrone - Don't Speak Up lyrics

We'll talk for hours maybe even days
And then for weeks and months and years
Whatever's left
But I'm not listening 'cause nothing that you'll say
Will ever change
Yea it's all ingrained
And I'm going away

But before I do, I'll say:

You talk like
You need me
And act like
You understood
But I've got no meaning
Yea I am, just another face
And if I am so wrong
I'm sorry! It's just the way I feel
'Cause when you are with him
You're so on that I just wish
I didn't care but I do
I wish I could just never ever feel anything

You think I don't notice but I'm telling you
I do I do I do
But in the end it's always trivial
And I don't speak

So when you think that everything is fine!
It's not it's not 'cause I can never get me out of here
But I don't speak up

None of this is really about you
I'm just making it all up in my head and
You are really nobody special
Even if you were I could care less

I don't really feel a connection
And your passion bores me to death
I'm just so unique and so special
I don't really need anyone but myself!

And I'll pretend that I'm still talking to you

(But now I'm going away, going away, there's nothing that I wanna say!)