Aequitas A Noctem - Nox lyrics

A force beyond all human comprehension
The force of the night, of the darkness and its embrace
For in this mortal womb we are but shadows
Shadows in the darkness that consumes us all
Human life force equivalent to nothing
Searching for a light, and waiting for something
Spawns of the darkness, oblivion awaits
Trapped in the third dimension, confined within flawed structure

Tell me is there a heaven
Tell me is there a hell
Tell me where I am going
When from the darkness truth is unveiled

Projected astrally, what do I see?
Endless nothing, endless night
Captives of the universe, we are left to question why
What awaits us in our rebirth?
Is there a fourth dimension, or anything beyond space?
Supernatural organisms
Of extraterrestrial origin
Superior to man
What is it that manipulates our world?


Fiery shadows plague my dreams
Faceless demons rule my nightmares
Their wrath cast upon me in the form of emotion
Anger and pain, endless emptiness
Am I a man or some kind of monster?
Feeding off the pain of those who surround me
Dwelling in the darkness, accepting her sweet embrace
Slave to night, wondering if there is a god
Or if he died long ago
If he ever existed at all
No one will ever know