Aeons Of Old - Dreamwork lyrics

Time for new victim
Looking for a fresh young girl
Me and my saw
There she is, waiting to be killed
Helpless she falls down
Raped after mutilation
Now I'm standing here
In blood-drenched clothes
Her heart in my hands
And her guts on the street
Got what I came for
Pumping mass for my creation
The item for my dreamwork
Surgical incisions, open ribcage
Home-preserved corpse
My spouse dearly departed
Young engine for dead matter
Clinical resurrection performed
The eyes of my creation
Stare at me, recognize
Who I am, her love lost
Emotionally overwhelmed
Still confused, unsure at first
Experience the intimacy again
Soothing melancholic embrace
Suddenly stabbed in the chest
Through lungs and heart
Now, it's my time to depart