Aeons Of Old - Banished Mercy lyrics

I can feel they show for me
Cause I am the violence itself
My eyes pointed straight at victim
I see his body going down
For years I've let them pick on me
Now we are gathered to fight back
Unity is needed for the victory
This fire of proud burns deep inside
I stand with an axe in my hand
Determined to crush his skull
His eyes with fear and agony
Stare at me and beg for mercy
I raise my weapon to the sky
As the butcher in me comes forth
The sense to chop is flooding me
The axe goes down and splits his brain
The wound is wide open
His blood flows down
His clothes coloured red
His shoes inside wet
The body crashes down on the ground
As darkness turns the red blood black
With my knife I scalp his face
His wet skin I use as hanky
Ripped out eyebowls I put in his mouth
He's punished for his existence
I feel satisfied and free
In search for others the axe is clean