Adrian Mather - Bridge Street lyrics

It's another day in December
But it's feeling a little like May
See a million different fantasies
But then stare out the windows all day
You see a girl in love, but her boy's not sure
He says he's tired and sleeps for days
And she's crying in her sleep when he's dreaming
Of breaking in pieces again

There is no place for love in this tearful display
The words don't make sense anymore
Growing old out of doors, but still young when inside
Should we ever forget who we were
Watching time on the wall, and the music is tearing
My head and my heart to the seams
And all the songs in the street seem so far away
When I've left my mind inbetween

But down on Bridge St
The carnival's here
And they're dreaming their lives will all change
Back home all those folks
Are just settling down
For the moment, I'm hiding away

And I guess its a shame to grow older inside
When dreaming's no fun anymore
Could you tell me if I was still falling?
Would I understand you at all?
When the skies turn to dark and night falls away
She's afraid to walk out on her own
The voices calling her back down the street
Disappear when she runs from it all


And there's no-one to run to
And nowhere to hide
Could you tell me I'm dreaming when I scream through the night?
Is it all in your head?
Were we falling asleep
When these visions were taking my memory from me?