Adonis - Old Enough (2011)

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Adonis - Old Enough lyrics

Ooh oh yeah
It doesn’t really matter too much to me
Don’t matter, don’t matter, don’t matter
Your friends think that you too old for me
Don’t really matter, don’t matter, don’t matter
If i’m runnin round tow sayin you’re my girlfriend
Don’t really matter, don’t matter, don’t matter
And i’ma need you the same for me
Don’t worry about my age

‘Cause I’m old enough
Old enough to love you, old enough to touch you
Old enough
If they ask you about my age you say I’m old enough
Old enough, old enough, old enough, old enough
Say that old enough, just say that I’m old enough
And if they ask you bout my age just say I’m old enough
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

I know you’re used to guys that are older than you
Don’t matter, it don’t matter,
But they losing every time ‘cause they don’t know how to carry you
Baby i hold you close, never let you fall
I’ll do it right girl i won’t try to ball
Don’t be afraid to let me show you what love can do
... for something new

Baby it’s alright and understand
I’m just tryin t show you all
Different grant
What is love with you gonna take a chance
I’ma telling you i’m a sure thing