Ado - Zankoku Na Tenshi No Theme lyrics

Back towards our god we tried to go
Woodlings led by a grand deception
I saw my hands disintegrate with the drops of falling rain
And I swallowed my tongue so that I won't sin when the pain comes

A rabbit in the hairnet,
A hare for the hat
A song for all iniquity
And craven images for all these uninnocent

Your cardamine has singed me
and with yew, I feel, I feel
And better are these few days I feel
than a thousand of which I will not
Though I know this all is not for long...

I will have done my worst to remove the sun
from spoiling the shades at rest in your face
The dark has lit to stay
And in this you look like royalty to me

Even my wounders have tried in vain to revive me
As if a part of them has crawled within and is now dieing inside me
And you know true blues have never lied
As I'm begging of you

What will you do for the sake of your faith?
My honesty is kicking out the chair from beneath the feeling
When honesty is never enough
One must learn to adore the ideas of melting from the outside in