Ado - Respondez SIl Vous Plait lyrics

Uproots and move to another side of town
Pack all your things, wash all the walls
Leave nothing in your wake
Save the sting of these empty halls

No letter, no lipstick, no note
No messages of any kind or sort

I heard her say all these awful things about you
I won't repeat them here for they were were much too cruel
What was I to think?
All those cards I ever formed for you two I found floating in the sink

Maybe you could write me?
Maybe you might, maybe you should
Maybe you should call me
Maybe you won't though maybe you would?

I'll bet you never been kissed by a child with so much affection
Never by a child who ever loved you so much in return for your nothing

And that's plainly it, dearest don't you comprehend
What I sacrifice of me in return for all your nothing?