Ado - Hand In Gun With God A lyrics

Come, our modern lovour.
What's one more stab beneath these sheets? I'll keep my stares above the them
So that when they saturate, my conscience does not bleed

Guilt's girth is a fit so snug and tidy.
The girls are witty though lowly, unworthy. The quiz is this: (now do not lie for me)
The quiz is this: Are you worthy of the innocence which becomes me?

You saved yourself for last.
You saved the best with tact.
Then out came the remnants of the closed closet, Unabashedly spilling your past.

(This will make the grandest scene)

Steady in the water. Silent on the dock.
My one hand firmly smoothed across your mouth, Drowning quickly, sinking soon for the final primal shot.

My other on your shoulder.
I want to watch you under.
You're not returning to the dressing room Who was the right one who said success is the helping hand that will end you?