Admiral Angry - Circling The Brain lyrics

In a world
Take it inside you
And break it down
You take me so seriously
You're afraid of my disfigured painless ways
You can't pour blood over my head
To cover up how I really bleed
Shoot me dead
With my sunglasses on
Fucking in this worth it fattening l.a. fantasy

I got blow
But decadence has me
Meth and merlot
Impressing you as me
In this powerless frenzy

I'm in the bathroom crushing up valium
But in a fucked up way
I remember everything I say
In this frozen metaphase
Chasing dragons through and aluminum world
Of razor blades
A skin popped ripping
'Cause I'm in a trash can digging for answers
Digging through shit for a hit in a coked up wet dream
Finding nothing, nothing, nothing

The circus is back in town and I know where to go
Anesthetic overdose
Desensitized to my own life
With no useful memory
I'm resentful fried and out of dope
Counting on accidents to get me by
Getting high
For if there's one thing I can count on
It's that I've been crashing
Since the day this motherfucker
Learned to drive