Adept - Death Dealers lyrics

Bring out the knives!
We're about to go down with a taste of vengeance.
Don't make a sound.
Just a single word can cause a landslide
We will rumble the ground.
We will tear it up like a fucking earthquake.

This is war!
This is death!

Underneath the moonlight, blood will be spilled!
We will get them open.
Victory is the only outcome.
Let the war begin!

We are the greatest evil
We are the devils breed
We live for the sound of fear. x2

This is war!
This is death!

It's not forgotten.
You're sins will stand it's act.
The ground below you will shallow you hole!

We are, we are the death dealers! x2
We are your lungs final breathe!
We are your hearts final beat!

Your god like a sacrifice
We will burn away your every sin
You're just like a sacrifice.