Adam Richman - What Can Make You Mine lyrics

all day
staring down

i'm breaking the wall down you built it to high
i'm taking a moment to really ask why
i think when i slip up i let myself down
i'm back to the time when you bush me around

i don't know when to listen
where to rush to decision
name a place and time
am i alone in this prison?
i don't know when to listen
what can make you mine?

you think it's fine to forget it occurred
i think pretending's a little absurd
you think it's about time i started to grow
i think there's too much i'm too eager to show

are you sick of the waiting?
are you looking for the light ahead?
are you too busy depating?
is your catalyst the song in your head?
i'm gearing up to leave the comfort zone
keep yo ur perceptions 'cauase i've got my own
i found the answers buried in this noise
the source of new poise
at the top of the inning
i'm only just beginning