Adam Richman - Destiny Girl lyrics

I didn't mean to scare you and
I didn't mean to seem so weird
made a big mistake this morning
if you're scared, it's what I feared

do you think that's cool?
do you think that's all right?
well you're taking everything you feel it is
everything of mine

I guess the game is over
it was so unfair
no longer can I play the half that's
pretending not to stare
I know it's not your loss and
I know you don't care
I just get so fucking weak
every time you're there

the truth in fate of which I don't believe
destiny's the force which makes me leave

insomnia again another
side effect of caffeinated drink
I can't afford each opportunity
where I can't help but think

it's not the same anymore is it?
it doesn't feel the way it used to
do you miss the way we saw it?
'cause I sure as hell miss you

you think it's cool
that you thought about you
but what you don't understand is what
you weren't supposed to do
and I know you know that
you put me through hell
and I forgive you 'cause your not forgiven
no you're you as well

and I can't forget the way we saw it
I can't escape that day
and I can't forget the feeling I had to lose
not after I got it that way