Adam McHeffey - Dandelion Days lyrics

We'll look back on our old ways
And call them "dandelion days"
But never, no, never go back
And we'll look back on easy times
And wish that there were dandelions
But in our hearts, you know we can't go back

A flower in a field so plain
Says her name is Magdalene
She doesn't mind all the change
Well, that's just Maggie acting strong
Her yellow face is battle-born
She never, no, never looks back
Well you cut her stem and break her class
Put her in a bottle made of glass

Fight me on this
If you love me you'll fight me on this
Fight me on this
If you love me you'll fight me

Love gets warm as loving gets
And you give up meat for cigarettes
And one taste ought to hook her
Because it's sugar, yeah, pure sugar
She'll live her life in ginger brew
I wish that I could talk to you
Well, a flower's just a flower
If only so an hour

Magdalene it's all right to cry
Everything will be all right