Adam Chanler-Berat & Jennifer Damiano - Hey Number 1 lyrics

Henry: Hey...
Natalie: Hey...
Henry: I've missed you these days
I thought you might call
It's been weeks...
Natalie: I've been crazed

Henry: Hey, hey...
Have you been on the scene?
'Cause you look like a mess
Natalie: Thanks, I guess
Henry: Are you clean?
Natalie: Well, coming from you...
Henry: I don't do what you do
Natalie: OK, how did it start?
Henry: But you took it too far
Natalie: Oh, I took it too far?
Henry: Hey! Hey!
Natalie: Henry, don't!
Don't do this to me!
Henry: Are we over?
Don't say that we're over
Natalie: Don't you want us to be?
Henry: No, I want who I knew
She's somewhere in you

Hey, say...
Will you come to this dance?
It's some spring formal dance
It's March 1st, and it's cheese
But it's fun and it's free
Natalie: I don't do dances
Henry: Do this dance with me?
Natalie: Goodbye, Henry...