Adam Brand - Blue Sky Cathedral lyrics

My grand daddy never went to church
Felt closer to God with his hands in the dirt
Doing hard work
Sun on his face sweat on his brow, wind in his hair
He'd say a prayer, anywhere
Be standing in the middle of a fresh mowed field
The spirit would move
He'd just kneel and start giving thanks
For God's green earth
When it came to church he preferred his

Blue sky cathedral with it's white pine steeples
Sunrise for a stained glass window
Singing along with that song bird hymnal
Made his soul fly like an eagle under that blue sky cathedral

Every now and then some folks from town
They'd drop in try and bring him round
Into the fold but he'd just smile
Fix 'em some tea and let 'em talk a while
And when they'd leave he'd say to me
Son some people gotta have four walls
To keep the word and heed the call
But that's ok
As for me I do better underneath my

Thirty years since he's been gone
We buried him up on the hill
But it don't matter where I am