Adam Again - Bad News On The Radio lyrics

Took a walk at midnight
'Cause all day long I've had to lay low
But the keys are on the table
And if you want to leave, you just say so
Got to keep the lights off
Got to keep me in the dark with my eyes closed
Maybe a dream can set me free
Spotlight on the highway
Bad news on the radio

I remember when I met you
Angel eyes that cut me to the soul
You knew me in an instant
Saw my devil heart, but still you wouldn't let go
You tried to make it heaven
But you followed me to hell
Listen close
Hear the helicopter fly
Spotlight on the sidewalk
And bad news on the radio

I know you tried to warn me
That we should take what we had left and hit the door
But when homeboy tried to burn me
I had to give him what he asked for
Now I watch you sleeping
Don't wake up and say goodbye
There's no more
As the sirens arrive
Spotlight on the driveway
Bad news on the radio