Ad Inferna - SM For SM lyrics

Soulmate, chain me to senses
Soulmate, chain me and dance

Plastic aesthetics with narcissistic excesses
A modern tale with sinful pleasures

Soulmate, set me free from senses
Soulmate, set me free and dance

Delight from torture continuously asked for
Unfaithful lover with a thiny veil

This is sensual music
For sexual mass
We want sexual mistress
For sensual men

Ame Sœur… Enchaine-toi aux sens.
Soulmate, get chained to senses
Ame Sœur… Enchaine-moi et danse
Soulmate, get chained and dance

Oceans of hysterical hearts and bodies
Entwined with mesmerizing sounds

Soulmate, this is how senses are
Soulmate, please accept silence
The deed is so eloquent
So be indecency
So be indecency