Ad Astra (Grc) - For Those About To Leave This World Behind lyrics

Scared I was the night before
I have lost myself through time
Regretful thoughts in black
To swallow grief from life

Worthless is any human creature
Upon our graves we praise the end
The stench of dying spirits
Among the savage flowers
A ravaged, rotten earth
Faces of unknown heroes
A dead mass into the void
Wisdom of beauty unseen

Embalmed are now her scarlet lips
Her figure is shaped on the drifting waters
Forever will be her name
All my grief within these frozen tears

I cry about myself
About the things I have to wipe away
Delivered is my spirit
To fly upon the skies
For every night I bleed
About thousand lies
But I will never forget her shine

My will is here no more
Depression made me blind
In sorrow and despondency
I leave this world behind