Ad Astra (Esp) - To The Stars lyrics

Street lamps lights my shadow walking throught the streets
Everything around´s darknees like inside of me
Walking in the middle of the great city lights
You can´t realice (you);wheather, day or the night
I´m feel up cause both are black so I need to find and (to) exit where I can escape

I look to the night
sky just above my head
I unvariably hear a voice saying "go ahead"
Suddenly I spot that It´s my hollow to scape
I´ve got to it now cause I don´t have other way
This is just the moment to "take of my will´shat" and I´ll never be repent

Chorus: To the stars it is my destiny and my end
To the stars I´ll never rest till I get my universe
While I follow then their shine lead my way to safe
I can´t shun my whises cause I´m to the stars.

Under my feet now I stop to feel – The row of the roads here I hid
A powerful force take me up – It´s just the power of my will
Under my feet (I) start to percive – The void of the space and its lights
The nightsky before was pitch black – but now it is full of the stars

Street lamps are eclipsing by the sky´spotlight
I see in the distance the townlights diying away
While the starshine blind my eyes and makes me smile
I´m sure that this is the correct way for my life
Nothing can´t stop me in my travel across Universe to happyness

Here, high, it is the correct point, to begin my true life again
Every movement everyway will anyway be right now...