Actual Tigers - Yardwork In November lyrics

The summer's gone
I been awake awhile just waiting for a sign
On my roof at dawn
I am imagining the sunset in your eye
Demon town

Well in a way
It's rather sad to see the good times ebb and flow
But there's another day
I'm slowly realizing that's the way it goes
And how I've known

The pleasure in the find
The chivalry in the spy
At night I see my own reflection in the wine
Can finally see the scope of everything that's mine

In the months ahead
Through a window pane anticipating swells
The flower beds
Many winter nights I sleep beside myself
Alone again

A billow without the bright
A stone without the right
But i can take my inspiration from the pine
And how the woodgrain makes such intricate designs

After all was said and done
Our ways were paid in different sums
It shoved me down but it showed me who I am

Now that all this trouble's through
I hope someday someone like you
Will come around and do the same again

The treasure without the find
The thought without a mind

Maybe good fortune's not repeatedly assigned
I guess I won't know for sure until the day you're mine