Actual Proof - The X Factor (2011)

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Actual Proof - The X Factor lyrics Michael black fist black power the arch rival
rifles in the street bring a revolution and my solution run a city
get my feet moving planning spinning a revolver off my golden penet
start a movement upgrade in the platinum rapping them in enigmas
with enigma go get them yeah
Equal to me illegally equally they're easily influenced by the way we keep it moving like a sequel
Curse up a deity the sun god I peek through venetian blonds
eyes wide open let the sun shine
Hallelujah I wreck them like … sun … like a sniper on a sun roof I light it up
Now I'm the aviator they say my alias is tailed to my floss state of mind like the …
Plus I … on my styles for my rhymes and buzz proof of thought I take it easy on your stomach lining
Just appetizer for course metaphors … who force feed the course on your fork
Kevin Spacey is 7 baby maybe it's something crazy now feed them till they burst yeah
Know what I'm saying it's the x files of niggers be the nation fuck it
just the minute I came out I never been on the same route
stayed on my lane was able to make a name know what I'm saying
I'm sort of a brain child … see them lenses it get's steamed I'm tense now your defense is down
Defenseless yes and short you're my apprentice kid kinda hand
Now you figure what your agenda is? ...send them here see they fear bleed them out
read them out people I'm switching gears hah
Ap leave it up to them so the top leaping above the rim you can jump we can discuss it then
I'm not … he's known to be trouble kid figure it stay away from him
The minute I touched the pen I had them like I flex with him
Eating up for the sucker shit erupt from abundant air
ease up so … real eat lobsters type of jam niggers you scared better say you scared
either way better come well prepared yeah know what I'm saying?
The mind the malcolm the black falcon might be a bad … for you
my nigger X X yeah X X yeah.