Action Set - Weigh In lyrics

it only takes a few hours for things to go sour

we're sinking fast and losing power

I'm trying to disconnect all the wires that got tangled

up in the mess that we have always been

I'm trying hard to keep the room from filling

the water's overspilling, carpet to the ceiling

I'm holding on, but you know I'm not that strong

when things are going wrong, there's one thing left

I'm waiting (waiting)

and I'm waiting, I'm holding on, but my fingernails aren't all that long

they're chewed or gone

and I'm waiting, I'm anticipating when it's safe to say

that nothing weighs enough to hold me down

and I'm waiting (waiting)

no more waiting

the water's getting higher

cause you keep jumping ship

oh, the water's just fine if you would just jump back in